Privacy policy

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Privacy Policy:

This website is operated by FC Bayern München AG. The protection of your personal data is

important to us. As far as we obtain personal data from you, this is only done for the purpose of

providing our services to you and according to the legal requirements. In particular, we will not

communicate personal data to third parties, unless this is required for the accomplishment of the

services offered to you or you have given us your consent. You have the possibility to object to the

use, processing and transfer of your data regarding commercial purposes or purposes of market

research at anytime, by sending an email to, including your complete adress

and/or your customer ID. The category of personal data contains all neccessary data to conclude a

contract. According to §15 Art. 3 TMG data will be collected for purpose of marketing and

improvement as well as recorded due to design which meets users demands with the help of a web

analysis program. With this data user profiles can be created under a pseudonym. The data

collected with the web analysis are not used wihtout the separate consent of the person affected to

personally identify visitors to this website and not merged with personal data concerning the person

who bears the pseudonym.

Parts of our services require the use of “cookies”. “Cookies” are small text files stored by your

internet browser on your computer. Cookies can store information about your visit to our website.

On our website cookies are only necessary for the active participation in certain offers (e.g.

ticketing, Online Fan-Shop). Most internet browsers are set by standard in a way that they accept

cookies, but you can configure your browser in such a way that it does not accept cookies, or that it

asks for your prior approval. However, should you decline cookies, parts of our services might not

be made available to you.

If you are taking part in the Miles & More scheme and would like a credit for the bonus miles you

have collected on your purchase, or if you wish to redeem bonus miles for a purchase, we will send

the data required for the credit to Miles & More International GmbH, Dornhofstraße 100, 63263


Social plugins of social networks e.g. Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are integrated on our website.

You can recognize the plugins through the company signs. If you visit our website, that uses such

social plugins (e.g. „like“- button by Facebook), your browser will directly connect to the server of

the social network. FC Bayern München does not receive any own knowledge about such transfered

data. To ensure, that during a visit of our website the social networks are not able to collect your

data, you have to be logged out at any social network before entering our website. Using the social

connect button of the particular provider (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) due to registration on our

website personal data will only be communicated with your consent. Regarding information about

purposes and the amount of data collection through the social networks as well as your rights and

alternative adjustments regarding the protection of your privacy please have a look at the private

policy declaration of the particular social network.